Got Moss?

Snohomish-Moss-TreatmentDuring the months of winter, moss can become a nuisance in your lawn. It can take away from the uniform smoothness and texture of your landscaping & may indicate that you have excessive moisture caused from insufficient soil drainage. There are ways to prevent and treat lawn mossand to rid your lawn of it completely and  The Northwest Gardener is here to help fight winter moss.

You should be sure that your lawn is well fertilized and is maintaining the correct ph levels as well. You should regularly treat your lawn with either a fertilizer that you use once every few weeks  or a time release type that lasts all season. As long as your grass is thick and healthy with no bare spots winter moss will have a difficult time taking hold. You can use a spiking tool to make holes in your soil to allow it to breathe.

You may also want to assess your lawn for too much shade, go outside and look at your lawn at various times during the day. If you notice areas that are shaded for much of the day that area may be a problem area for winter moss. Have your trees trimmed and bushes cut back, to allow the sun to shine on as much of your lawn as possible.

There are products that are available that will help you control moss on your lawn, many of them are combined with a good fertilizer as well. Lime can be applied to bring up ph levels in your lawn too.

Another good tip is to not mow your lawn too low, low or bare areas in your lawn can promote moss growth. When you add moss killing products to your lawn do not rake the treated areas until the moss is completely dead otherwise you may be spreading moss spores as you rake. Contact The Northwest Gardener and let us get rid of that pesky moss and keep your landscaping looking great even in the winter months. You can contact us by phone at 425-905-2450 or online by clicking here.

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Who To Contact For Landscape Services

Looking to improLake Stevens-Landscaping-Servicesve, maintain or create a dream landscape at your residential or commercial location? Look no further than The Northwest Gardener for all your Lake Stevens Landscape Services; we guarantee you’re going to love the way your landscaping looks! Employing only the top certified technicians with vast landscaping experience, you can be rest assured that your yard will be treated with care and commitment to quality. No matter how big or small your landscape might be we are prepared to take on the job, treating even the smallest of spaces with dedicated precision. In order to create a truly unforgettable landscape we don’t waste any available space, we pay close attention to every small detail.

Not all landscapes are at the same stage of development; some may need a lot of work, while others only need a little fine-tuning, yet others are perfect but just in need of some regular maintenance. No matter the current state of your landscape, we are ready to tackle the task, making your yard the envy of all your neighbors.. We don’t just stop with the aesthetics of your yard, we also have the technical capabilities to create and plan irrigation systems. Also, while the very word ‘landscape’ puts images of flowers, trees, and grass in our minds, in many circumstances it’s about more than just plants that make a great space look even better. We are certified to take care of patios and other non-living additives that add a touch of special to any landscaping project.

 The Northwest Gardener offers Landscape Service in Lake Stevens that is affordable, personalized, and top-notch. We are so confident that you are going to love the look of your property, in fact the only reason we are able to offer such competitive rates is because we know our customers continually remain loyal, allowing us to afford to treat our clients more like friends. We stay focused on your budget, working with our team of skilled experts to create the perfect and affordable landscape display of your dreams. Contact us at 425-905-2450 or by clicking here.

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Commercial Landscape Services

Commercial-LandscapeWhen it comes to maintaining commercial property, it’s important as a business owner or property manager, that the landscaping always looks it’s best.  At The Northwest Gardener we’re here to make sure your landscape looks it’s absolute best at all times. After all, trying to lease out space with over grown landscape outside, will more than likely turn potential tenants away. We take care of everything you need, from upkeep to the actual planning and installation of any landscape!  Enjoy luscious greenery, pops of color, and an all around perfect property completely maintained by our team of dedicated and experienced staff. No two properties are the same; therefore we treat every project with a personalized approach, focusing on your needs, goals, and wants to create the perfect landscape.

The Northwest Gardener understands that it’s not just about the appearance of a property, but also it’s about how much it will cost to both develop and maintain a landscape.  This is why we design and install landscapes that are appealing and professional and that also fit the specified budget.  Tell us the range of your budget and we will work hard to deliver exactly what you are looking for, and more of course!

We specialize in maintaining many different types of properties, from residential to commercial to large apartment buildings. We are trusted to take care of many landscapes granting us the proper experience to get the job done in the most professional and efficient manner. We keep shrub beds clean of weeds and dead leaves, trimmed and pruned to perfection. In fact, even the pathways will be kept free of clutter, so that customers and staff are always greeted with a clean-cut atmosphere. Shrubs, trees, and lawns will be kept up to par; we also have an eye out for litter and other unsightly blemishes. When it comes to landscaping, there’s really nothing that we can’t handle. At The Northwest Gardener, we take pride in what we do and it shows. Contact us to get started on your Commercial Landscape Services today!


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Landscaping For The Winter

Your home is a presentation of yourself, it represents who are you, how you live, and even what you love. When winter comes, your yard is suddenly harder to keep lively, but just because the sun stops shinning doesn’t mean you have to give up the lovely appearance of your front and backyard! The Northwest Gardener offers Landscaping Services in Lynnwood for those in need of some TLC with their landscaping. We have helped countless customers turn their yards into a perfect oasis, even in the middle of winter! It doesn’t matter where you live, adding certain features to your landscape will dramatically increase appearance and reduce maintenance during the winter.

Garden in Pots

You don’t have to live in a balcony-only apartment to appreciate potted plants; in fact plants that live in portable locations are perfect for the winter—or any time of year! If you want a more lasting look, you can install permanent affordable planters that look great, produce lovely plants, and can be crafted from recycled materials.

Stick to Native Plants

A ‘native plant’ simply means what it says—with or without our help, this plant will easily grow in your yard because it is a production of your areas’ particular element and climate. Therefore, even when winter hits hard, these species know how to bounce back at the first sight of sun. Do some research at your local library or simply browse the web for photos of native plants, pick the ones you like best and enjoy the fact it will require little maintenance on your part, as it can live off the land alone!

Add Permanent Features

A yard doesn’t have to be full of only grass and flowers; concrete, rocks, statues, and ponds are only a few of the many elements one can add into their landscape plan. An immense amount of grass gets costly to water and tiresome to mow, therefore adding decorative walking paths made of concrete, stone, or brick is a great option, especially in the winter! Enjoy getting creative, imagine a built in garden-side bench with places for lovely potted plants built right into the design. The options are endless with The Northwest Gardener! Let us know what Landscaping Services in Lynnwood you need, we are here to assist you! Contact us at 425-905-2450 or by clicking here.


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Prepare Your Snohomish Irrigation System for Winter

When winter comes, will your irrigation system ready? Fall is the best time to prepare your Snohomish Irrigation system for the coming colder weather. If you wait until the cold weather hits, unfortunately, it may be too late. By taking a little bit of time now, with the help of The Northwest Gardener, you can have your system protected no matter how cold winter gets.

Winter is a dangerous time for irrigation systems because of the effect of freezing water. When water is in the pipes, it expands, leading to cracks and breaks. This could ruin your irrigation system, and all of that money you have invested will literally go down the drain. Proper winter preparation is the key to preventing this problem, and The Northwest Gardener can help.

So what can you do to eliminate the water in the system before you turn it off? You can try to release the drain valves and let it drain out on its own. Sadly, this is not effective at eliminating all of the water. It may get most of it, but not all, and even the little bit of residual water can be problematic if you are not careful. To get all of the water, you will need to force air through the system using an air compressor. By letting the air compressor run for a full two minutes after all of the visible water is gone, you will get all of the water out and protect your system. However, this is a dangerous job and one that requires specialized tools. If you have the tools, you can try it yourself, but you may be better off trusting the Licensed Irrigation Technician at The Northwest Gardener to handle the task for you.

Snow, ice and cold weather are just around the corner, and you have limited time to get your outdoor areas ready. Make sure your Snohomish irrigation system is protected from the cold weather with the help of winterization from The Northwest Gardener. Call today 425-905-2450 or click here and schedule your blow out before the rush, and protect your investment by getting the system fully prepared for whatever winter may throw your way.


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Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with a Beautiful Stone Patio

Creating outdoor living spaces is becoming quite popular as more and more people are looking for ways to enjoy their backyards. One way to transform a drab backyard space into an outdoor living area is with a flag stone patio. Seattle Flag Stone Patios do not require large equipment to install, look great and are quite durable. If you are ready to embrace this look in your backyard, The Northwest Gardener is a local Seattle Contractor here to help ensure that you have it installed by trained professionals.

Pouring a cement patio requires you to bring a cement mixer into your yard, and this can be quite disruptive to your existing landscaping. This is not necessary with a stone patio. While quite labor intensive, and that is why you want the help of a professional to install these, they do not require large, bulky equipment. This means you can have a beautiful, custom design in your backyard, even if you have limited access.

Not only that, but a flag stone patio installed by one of the trained professionals at The Northwest Gardener looks amazing. Unlike a cold, unwelcoming cement slab, a stone patio becomes a piece of art, incorporated beautifully into your outdoor landscaping. You are not tied to the square or rectangular design when you choose a stone patio, but rather can build a custom design exactly how you want it. This lends itself to a more natural look, allowing you to tie in the patio’s form and design to your existing or planned landscaping.

If you find yourself in the market for a flag stone patio, contact The Northwest Gardener today. We will help you not only build the patio, but also help you create it. Our experienced landscapers are experts in designing the perfect outdoor space. If you think the natural look of a Seattle Flag Stone Patio is what you need, give us a call today to learn more about our services. We are ready to help you transform your outdoor living space into a calm, tranquil retreat with a beautiful stone patio. Contact us at 425-905-2450 or by clicking Here.

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Retaining Wall Installation and Design

If you are planning a big  landscaping project, and your Bothell property slopes, you might consider adding a retaining wall to your landscape design. A retaining wall is vital not only to the look of your project, but also to protecting the integrity of your landscaping and your yard. Because of this, it is best to get professional help when installing retaining walls.

Common Uses of Bothell Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to hold back soil and prevent erosion. Sometimes, steep slopes in a yard can cause unnecessary erosion. Even when naturally occurring, these slopes can cause healthy topsoil to wash away, making it more difficult to plant flowers and other plants in the area. They can also create a dangerous fall hazard, particularly when wet and slippery.

Other times, landscaping causes an unnatural change in elevation. For example, if you add a sidewalk or walking path on a sloped area, you must carve away some of the dirt. This creates an extremely steep slope that can cause serious erosion. Not only that, but a wall of dirt is not an aesthetically pleasing addition to your yard.

In both of these instances, a retaining wall provides a solution. It holds back the soil, eliminates fall hazards, creates an aesthetically pleasing look and helps prevent erosion. In any instance where you have a steep grade, you can use a retaining wall to hold things where they should be.

Where to Turn for Your Retaining Wall

Doing a retaining wall on your own could be a problem. A poorly installed Retaining Wall could potentially fall, causing disaster in your yard. Not only that, but this is a very labor intensive project. In most cases, you would be better off having a professional help you with this particular landscape design project.

If you find yourself in the market for a retaining wall, The Northwest Gardener is here to help. We can help you with all of your landscape design needs. Our team of Bothell Landscape Designers will help you plan for, design and install your retaining wall. By having a professional help you with the process, you can be certain that the end result will be as beautiful and effective as you want it to be. Call The Northwest Gardener today to get a quote for your retaining wall project or landscape design (425) 905-2450 or click Here.

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Water and Energy Savings for Your Irrigation System

If you are looking for water savings for your Lynnwood Irrigation System, then look no further than our service and the Rain Bird sensor we offer. With this cutting edge rain sensor, you can ensure that your lawn and garden stay green and beautiful all year long, while avoiding using water when you don’t need to use it.

Smart System Senses Rain

Automatic irrigation is the key to a beautiful yard while maintaining a busy lifestyle. Yet, when it rains and your irrigation continues to run, not only do you waste water and money, but you also can end up over-watering. This can cause problems for your grass and other plants.

The key is a smart system that senses rain. The Rain Bird irrigation sensor does just this. It runs automatically throughout the growing season, keeping your plants well watered. Yet, when it rains, it has built in technology to sense that rain and shut off the irrigation. This provides energy savings for irrigation while also helping you conserve water.

Affordable Energy Savings for Irrigation

We know that you have many companies you can turn to for your irrigation needs, but we believe the Rain Bird sensor offers the best results and excellent energy savings. It installs to your existing irrigation system, wirelessly sending a signal to the irrigation device about when to turn on and off. When this technology is combined with our superior services, you cannot go wrong.

Not only that, but it is quite affordable. At just $180 (plus tax) per clock, you can keep your yard watered all year long, without worrying about wasting water and your money. Most single-family residential properties have one clock to keep their yards looking great.

To add to the savings, we are offering a coupon for 10 percent off your order. Simply print it out and show it to the technician who is installing your system for additional savings or let us know when scheduling your appointment.

Superior Customer Service

In addition to our innovative irrigation solution and our affordable pricing, we are dedicated to offering you superior customer service. From your first phone call to the finished product, you will notice a difference when you trust us for your Irrigation System needs.

So call today (425) 905-2450 to discuss your questions with one of our friendly staff members and let us help you keep your yard green and beautiful all year long, or click Here to contact us now online.



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Dress up Your Outdoor Space with Retaining Walls and Patios

If you are looking for a way to complete the look of your outdoor space, consider adding a patio or building a retaining wall to finish your yard. With the help of Northwest Gardener, you can quickly and affordably dress up your space while adding functionality and protecting the soil from erosion.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

If your land has much of a slope to it, and few yards are perfectly flat, then your soil is at risk of erosion every time it rains. The soil that runs down the hill when it rains is the rich topsoil that your landscaping needs to thrive. If the hill is particularly steep, your risk is even greater.

Retaining walls help eliminate some of this problem. With the right retaining wall design, you can hold up that hill, create a more level surface, and prevent unwanted erosion. You can also create a lovely flower garden out of an unused area of your yard with the right edging and a retaining wall. You can use a retaining wall to build up any area in your hard that is sloped.

Retaining walls require the right planning to be effective and beautiful. For professional retaining wall design, you need the landscapers at the Northwest Gardener. Our landscape industry certified technicians know the most effective ways to build a wall on your property to protect your soil and add beauty to your space.

Benefits of Adding Patios

Another way you can dress up your outdoor space is by adding a patio. If you have a dead, unused space in your yard, a patio can make it interesting and inviting. Patios simply make your outdoor space more functional, all while adding to the overall look of your yard.

Patios create a welcoming outdoor entertaining area, so you can readily host a barbecue or other outdoor gathering. A patio can also give your kids an additional area to play when they need a hard surface to bounce balls or ride bikes.

Installing a patio requires the proper skill and knowledge to design the look and properly install the paving stones. It can be a time consuming process, but the right team of professionals can help make the installation far more efficient. For help with your patio project, contact The Northwest Gardener’s today.

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Summer Is Near! Time to Get Your Irrigation System Ready!

Summer is just around the corner, and the thought of getting your landscaping ready for summer, has probably already crossed your mind. As you buy your seeds, plants and fertilizer, be sure you are making plans for proper irrigation as well. Irrigation Systems ensure that your plants have enough water, no matter what Mother Nature may bring us.

Many Bellevue property owners look at Irrigation System cost and turn the other way. They assume that they can properly water their plants without an irrigation system and save a little money. In theory, this is true, but most people end up forgetting to water as the summer progresses and the temperatures get hotter. This is very detrimental to the plants, and can end up costing you your yard or garden. In retrospect, the small irrigation system cost is often outset by the knowledge that your lawn will have the water it needs no matter what you do.

To some who just have smaller yards, irrigation systems sound too complex. This sounds like something a farming property would need, but not the average homeowner. This notion couldn’t be further from the truth. You can purchase an irrigation system that is quite simple, perfectly suited for the home gardener. If you are investing a lot of money into your plants and your landscaping, this will be like the insurance to ensure that the plants thrive all summer long.

Remember, an irrigation system continues working even if you are not home. If you plan a vacation in the middle of the driest part of the summer, you will not have to worry about your lawn or garden, nor will you have to pay someone to water it. It will stay sufficiently watered the entire time you are gone. It also delivers the water more directly to the plant roots, where it is needed, so less is lost to evaporation. This can help you maximize your financial resources by lowering your water bill.

If you already have a system in place, this is the time to check if it needs to be fixed. Irrigation repair at the beginning of the season will ensure that the system runs well as long as you need it to. The sooner you get your system up and working well, whether you are investing in a new one or repairing an existing one, the better your success throughout the growing season will be. Click Here for our Bellevue Irrigation System coupon.


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