Why Aeration is important to a Healthy Lawn

Your lawn is a living, breathing, ever changing, biosystem.  It is dependent on water, soil, air, and microbial organisms.  Over time the soil becomes compact from walking, playing, and the pull of gravity.  Compacted soil has a more difficult time accepting water, air, and nutrients.  Aeration loosens the soil so that the roots of your lawn can breathe, and drink, and consume food.  With compacted soil your lawn will not thrive.  It will not accept water well.  It will not be happy.

To find whether your lawn needs aeration dig a small section of lawn and look at the cross section.  A healthy lawn will have roots nearly six inches lawn.  If you have short  roots it’s time to aerate.

Aeration is one of the nicest things you can do for your lawn, and April is the time to do it. Contact us to schedule your Snohomish Aeration Services.

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Why Choose Lawn Services for Your Lawn Maintenance Needs?

Lawn MaintenanceWhen you utilize a Lawn maintenance company, their consistent care will go a long way toward the health of your lawn. Mowing weekly helps promote new growth, creating a thicker healthier lawn.  If the intervals between cutting are too long, the grass plants can be shocked, and their growth stunted.  Cutting no more than a third of each blade of grass, at each cutting,  will help to keep your yard healthy and looking great. Performing regular landscape maintenance will help discourage pests and weeds in your turf, improving the overall health of your yard.  It’s much more difficult, and expensive, to return a lawn to health and beauty, than it is to keep it nice in the first place Why not start off with a healthy lawn?  It’s a lot easier to keep it nice.

Professionals understand that there is more to your yard that grass, and trees and bushes.  They are aware of how your yard works, and what difficulties you may face in your specific area.  They know if a lawn is compacted, and needs aeration.  They know if a wet area is contributing to difficulties with buttercup, and how to remedy the problem.  They know if an area is just not amenable to lawn, and can recommend alternatives.

Your lawn is more than just something that is outside of your home.  It’s a place that you can go and relax, entertain guests, and play with your kids.   It’s added value, and a sense of pride.

Using Snohomish lawn services from a qualified, and experienced, professional will enable you to relax, and not worry that your yard is receiving the care and maintenance it deserves.  A yard is a lot to manage by yourself.  Perhaps it would be better all around to use the help that is available, and support a local business.  It’s worth considering.

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I smell Sarcacoca

I stepped out of my office this morning and was greeted by the wonderful vanilla fragrance of my Sarcacoca Ruscifolia. Spring must be lurking.

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Weekly Mowing Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, having to do your own lawn mowing is a chore that few enjoy and most resent. Generally, it ties up the weekend and if it is rainy then the lawn mowing has to either be done after work on a dry day or let go till the next scheduled mowing.

Wouldn’t it be sensible to hire a Bothell landscaping company to do your lawn mowing on a weekly or biweekly basis?

As they have the proper equipment for lawn mowing, hedging, and edging and a crew they will quickly do the job and do it well and prices are reasonable, so it makes good sense. Many homeowners use a landscaping company for lawn mowing bi-weekly. Usually this includes services that cover more than just a weekly mowing or bi-weekly mowing. Most companies actually take the time to edge your lawn, trim your foliage and provide the products needed to keep your lawn healthy.

In early spring they may suggest that you have them “thatch” your lawn. University and agricultural experts say that thatching is important to lawn maintenance as it is a process that removes dead roots, dead grass and other debris that forms in a layer between the grass and the soil. Lawns that have thatch are not healthy and tend to have problems that ultimately lead to the need to replace your turf. Experienced landscapers know about thatch and will remove it. Thatch removal is difficult and best left to a Bothell Northwest Gardner professional.

Advantages of a professional landscaper:

  • Convenience -with today’s busy life styles outsourcing work gives you more family time
  • Expertise – beautiful grounds kept up by professionals make you feel good about your home
  • Simplification – experts know the correct times of year to apply fertilizer, weed control and other treatments
  • Safety – no need to store dangerous products such as fertilizers at home. Also eliminate the problem of proper disposal of unused products that can be harmful to humans and the environment.

While some view lawn mowing weekly or bi-weekly as an unneeded luxury, they are generally gardening enthusiasts who enjoy doing the work of maintaining landscaping and grounds. Homeowners with stressful jobs and growing families may feel the affordable fees that most landscape professionals charge is worth the relief of not doing it themselves, gives them time to spend with families and provides a lawn and landscape that they are proud of.

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Excavation with The Northwest Gardener

The Northwest Gardener, Inc. can move mountains.  OK, small mountains.  We have excavation equipment for both residential and commercial work.  We can be especially effective in residential setting where a large excavation company is not practical.  Our smaller machines can fit where the bid ones can’t.

  • Need a trench for the new electrical hook up?  We can hook you up.
  • Need a flat area for the new patio?  We can make it smooth.
  • Need your gravel drive leveled out?  We’ll do our level best.

Our operators have many years experience and lots of practice excavating properties in tight areas.  Give us a call, and let us move your mountain.

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Hire us… please

Hire The Northwest Gardener. Please, we need the work.

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Happy May

Weeds! Shrubs out of control! Grass a foot long? Good thing that The Northwest Gardener is in south Snohomish County. Garden on, or let us garden on in your stead. Mill Creek, Snohomish, Monroe, Everett, even Woodinville. We’re your complete, local, land care company.

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It’s Spring… really

The good thing about a cold spring in Snohomish County is that our daffodils last longer. If we would have had a few pesky, beautiful, days, with temperatures in the 60’s, or gods forbid, near 70, our pretty yellow flowers would not last nearly so long. Perhaps we can look on the bright side (if only it were bright). Happy gardening, from the old gardener in Clearview.

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Happy Equinox

Spring has arrived in Snohomish County. OK it has arrived in the rest of the northern hemisphere as well, but we can claim it for ourselves. It’s a great time to divide and replant your perennials. Daisies, Black-eyed-Susans, Sedum, perennial aster, etc. Go out and get your fingers in our good Snohomish topsoil. Mill Creek, Everett, Monroe, and Bothell have good soil too.

Regards from the old gardener in Clearview. Garden on!

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Very Freezy

It’s going to get cold in Snohomish tonight. I might be prudent for residents in Snohomish County (Monroe, Everett, Mill Creek, etc.) to cover smaller shrubs and roses. Some of your trees and shrubs probably have buds, or even flowers. Cover what you can fellow gardeners.

Take heart, the Vernal Equinnox (Spring for we laymen and laywomen) will be here in less than twenty-four days. Whoo hoo!

Garden on my friends.

Regards from the old gardener in Clearview.

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