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Blancpain Replica

The success of the Kingsman film franchise, which will see its third installment, The King's Man in September, is surprising, even at a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe is gaining popularity. Matthew Vaughn’s action-adventure franchise's premise on paper seems like an old Austin Powers trope rehashed, but the reality is profitable and... surprisingly stylish.

The footwear and outerwear by Mackintosh, as well as the Cutler and Gross glasses worn by the main characters, are important. They are not just costumes and props,IWC Replica Watches but they define the characters. The groundbreaking Mr Porter deal for the series allows you to buy an incredible amount of the costuming seen on screen. Of course, there are also watches in the mix. This third release includes 255 products, including an especially sharp Blancpain Replica.

Let's first talk about the brand. Blancpain Replica is a great choice for many reasons, but as observant observers will notice, it's not the first brand that has equipped an independent spy agency. In the first film, British Bremont was used while in the second TAG Heuer was chosen. Blancpain Replica is now in action. Richemont, which owns Mr Porter as well as the watch brand, is also a smart business move. The King's Man, which is set just before WWI and when the company operated, also makes sense from a historical and stylistic perspective. The watch's thin lines and classic styling are perfect for the era.

How about the actual watch? It's called the Master Ultra Thin Kingsman knife, and it certainly lives up to its name. This 40mm pink-gold wristwatch is razor thin and has a very sharp silhouette. Its name (Blancpain Replica) are derived from a 1907 'Couteau,' or knife pocket watch. The triangular crown at 12 (with protective bow), as well as the wide bezel, are the most obvious examples of the pocket watch design. This knife is beautiful no matter how you cut it.

This is also a fine example of watchmaking as it hides behind the caseback a highly acclaimed movement, the manually wound calibre 859. The thickness of this tiny wonder is only 1.85mm, allowing the watch to have a profile as small as 4.25mm. This movement is so small that it was assembled by Jeager LeCoultre’s Grand Complications Team. The watch has a 30m water resistance rating and a 35-hour reserve. We'll have to wait to see if the distinguished Blancpain Replica Knife gets in trouble. But it is safe to say, that slim dress watches can be just as useful for spy games as rugged sports watches.

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