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Franck Muller Replica

Franck Muller Replica has been my employer for nearly five years. I began in a sales role in the UK, and became Country General Manager late last year. The journey has been incredible. Since I've worked in the luxury industry my whole working life, and always had a passion about watches, working for Franck Muller Replica is a great opportunity for me. It is a very special feeling to grow within a family business, as opposed to the traditional corporate structure. The team bond is strong, and so are the connections between Head Office and the markets. You know that you are a part of something very special.

What has changed in your daily life?

It is a good start, but it's only the beginning. Most significant changes are taking care of my team and getting to know aspects of business I hadn't touched on before. It's a great experience. My day-today work is heavily influenced by marketing and operations, especially with our plans to expand retail in the UK. Watch this space...

What changes have been made so far?

Our new UK boutique has been hiring team members. We have also made a few changes to the internal structure of our team. In line with our global strategy, we are moving toward targeted activities that focus on the customer. This is only the beginning. We are always looking to innovate and improve. The UK is a leading market for our brand. As such, we are developing a new concept called "Private lounge" which we will reveal soon in order to welcome customers and provide an exclusive experience.

Tell us more.

We are excited about this concept, because it will allow us to provide a private and exclusive experience to our clients in London, which is one of Franck Muller Replica's key cities. Although the location of the lounge has yet to be confirmed, we know that it will stand out.Sinn Replica This new retail experience is designed to consolidate the client base we have and provide a place for people who are looking for something different. This new retail experience encourages different types and styles of buyers, and we want to make all our friends feel at home.

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