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The Northwest Gardender provides an array of irrigation services to ensure that that your commercial property's lawn looks green and lush all year lawn. Our services include:

  • New Systems - We can design and build a new irrigation system to fit your property's needs.
  • Modifications to Existing - We will rework your irrigation system to improve coverage and efficiency.
  • Repair/Diagnostics - Whether you've got a break in a line or you don't know what's wrong, we can fix it.
  • Water Efficiency Updates - Irrigation technology improves everyday, it may be time to change out the old.
  • Rain Sensors - It rains a lot in the PNW, have us install a rain sensor that detects rain and interrupts your controller's normal programming.
  • Smart Controllers -Operate and customize your sprinklers from anywhere in the world on your smartphone.
  • Backflow Testing - Backflow devices prevent your irrigation's water from returning to the supply lines. Water districts require you to test the performance of your backflow device, and we can do that for you.
  • Spring Startups - When it's time to turn on your system in the Spring, we will check the system, make adjustments and program your controller.
  • Winterization - When it freezes, the water in your pipes freezes too, causing breaks. Have us remove that water with compressed air to keep your irrigation system safe through the winter.

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