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Trees are everybody's favorite; you climb them, rest in their shade, and they can provide texture and structure to your landscape. We prune large, small and fruit bearing trees for health or form.

The Northwest Gardener has been trusted for the past 39 years by homeowners from Mill Creek and Snohomish, north to Everett, and south to Seattle with maintaining their trees in top condition.

All pruning is performed by our licensed arborist and we guarantee your satisfaction.

The Northwest Gardener, Inc. has taken care of our landscape projects for over 10 years. From annual irrigation system winterization to tree pruning (not just trimming around the tree to a smaller size) to overhauling our backyard from a big soggy mess that was left us by the builders to a wonderful sanctuary of gravel, stone tiles, water feature and raised flower beds for us people and the local urban wildlife.

We have worked with two generations of Lundstroms and they are always friendly, professional and easy to work with. We are no landscape designers but still have lots of ideas need help implement. Doug and his son, Kyle along with their team members have beared with us throughout the years with numerous projects, big and small.

As for cost, we have trusted them to always give us a fair deal.

We have been very satisfied with their work and have recommended them to our neighbors and our homeowners association for landscape work in the common areas of the neighborhood. ~ L. C. - BELLEVUE, WA

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your caring for and maintaining your trees.

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